WP User Manager Documentation

Getting Started


Learn how to install WP User Manager

5 articles

WPUM Settings

Customize and configure WP User Manager

6 articles

Profiles & Fields

Setup profiles & fields.

6 articles

Shortcodes & Widgets

Learn how to use the shortcodes and widgets.

14 articles


Setup the required pages.

6 articles

FAQ & Tutorials

Frequently asked questions & tutorials

12 articles

User Directories

Creating Directories

Learn how to create and edit user directories.

3 articles

Display Directories

Learn how to display directories on the frontend.

1 article


Custom Fields

Documentation for the custom fields addon.

16 articles

User Verification

Documentation for the user verification addon.

4 articles

Social Login

Documentation for the Social Login addon.

6 articles


Documentation for the MailChimp addon.

12 articles

Google reCAPTCHA

Setup Google reCAPTCHA addon.

3 articles

Delete Account

Setup account cancellation.

2 articles

Personal Data

GDPR Related tools documentation.

2 articles

Advanced & Developers

Advanced Tutorials

13 articles


10 articles

Actions & Filters

4 articles


9 articles