Create a custom profile card template

Did you know the  profile card shortcode has a secret "template" parameter? That's right, the shortcode also allows you to define a custom template for a profile card. This allows you to define different templates for each profile card if you do not want to use the same one. If you want to modify the default styling for the profile card shortcode follow this tutorial to create a custom card template.

Creating the custom template:

First, create a folder inside of your theme called  wpum, if it doesn’t already exist.

Second, copy the file from /wp-content/plugins/ wp-user-manager/templates/profile-card.php to the new wpum directory into your theme.

Once you have done this, you can rename the file to something else, this will create a new profile card template.

For example, rename file profile-card.php to profile-card-custom.php. A new "custom" template has now been created.

If you do not rename the profile-card.php, WPUM will use that file for EVERY profile card.

Setting up your custom template:

The example usage of the profile card shortcode is this

[wpum_profile_card user_id="1" link_to_profile ="yes" display_buttons ="yes" ]

In order to assign a custom template, you need to add the "template" parameter to the shortcode. In the example above, we have created a template called "custom". So, we will now modify the shortcode to look like this

[wpum_profile_card user_id="1" link_to_profile ="yes" display_buttons ="yes" template="custom" ]

Done. You can now proceed to customize and change the code of your custom card template.