Translate WP User Manager

WP User Manager provides you a very simple method for translating the plugin into your own language by letting you create your own translation files and then placing them in an upgrade-safe directory. This short guide will show you how to use your own translations.

Creating a translation

Translation files must be created for the language you want to use the plugin in. You will need to create your own. This is easy to do.

There is a very popular and easy to use program called  POEdit that provides a simple tool for creating translation files.

Download POEdit and then open file  wpum.pot into the wp-content ▸ plugins ▸ wp-user-manager ▸ languages folder on your server.

Use POEdit to make a translation of the plugin, once you're finished, export your .mo and .po files through the software.

Now you need to create a new folder called  wpum inside of wp-content/languages/. If languages/ doesn’t exist, create it as well.

Once you have created the   /wp-content/languages/wpum/, place your custom .mo and .po file in that folder. The .mo file must be named as follows:

For example, if your language is German, then the file will be named:

Note: Your WordPress installation must be translated as well to translate WPUM.