Working with lists

The following article will help you understand how to enable/disable and customize the lists from your MailChimp account and get the ready to be used with WPUM.

Enable & Disable lists

WPUM MailChimp is capable of working with one or more lists at the same time. For example, your users can decide to signup to one or more lists. Once you've decided which lists you want to use with WPUM, navigate to  Users -> WPUM Settings -> Extensions in your WordPress dashboard and locate the "lists" option. There you will see a table with all your MailChimp lists.

Click the checkbox under the "Enable" column to enable a list. If you don't want to use a list, simply uncheck the "enable" option.

Press the save changes button once you're finished.

Customize the lists order

If you're using multiple lists, you can also choose to change the order with which they appear on your site. In order to do so, click and then drag & drop the icon under the "order" column. Press the save changes button once you're finished.

Lists descriptions

Sometimes you might want to display a short description along with your list name. Each list on your site can have it's own description. Enter the description you wish to display into the "description" column of the "lists" table into the settings panel. Press the save changes button once you're finished.