Creating custom email tags

The wpum_add_email_tag() function allows you to create custom email tags for all the email notifications sent through WPUM.

The wpum_add_email_tag() function takes three parameters:

  1. $tag – The name of the tag to create, example: “admin_email”. In the email content, tags are wrapped with {} but not when they are registered.
  2. $description – The description of what the tag displays.
  3. $func – The name of the call back function that renders the tag’s output.

Here's an example that displays the site's email address:

This same method can be used to display any user custom field.

In the above example, you will be using the WP function get_user_meta to retrieve the value of a custom field. If you need to retrieve a custom fields created through the custom fields addon, please read here how to get the user field key

Note custom fields created with the addon cannot be displayed right now, the above example will work after WP User Manager v.1.3 is released.