Radio buttons & Dropdown field type

The radio buttons and dropdown field type allows you to create a field where the user can select one choice from a list of pre-defined options.

Example scenario:
  1. Field name: How did you hear about us?
  2. Available options: Google, friend, social network

The user will be able to select how did he/she hear about us by selecting one option.

Adding choices:

A choices editor will appear and will allow you to add unlimited choices to the field. In order to add a new option, press the "add new option" button. The order of the options can also be changed by dragging and dropping them through the icon on the left end side of the option.

You can mark one choice as checked by default by using the radio/checkbox fields on the left. The default selected option will only be selected within the registration form.

Advanced users can also change the value of the option. Note: the value is what is displayed into the public profile and saved into the database. To customize the values enable the option "show values" and a new setting will appear for each choice.

Check this video for more information.