Translating the Login Form with WPML

Unlike the Registration form, the login form fields aren't stored as fields in the database, so translating them is a little different in WPML.

The strings that need to be translated are in the code of the WP User Manager plugin. 

To translate these strings you ned to have both the WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation installed.

Navigate to WPML > Theme and plugins localization in the WordPress admin sidebar.

Scroll down to the 'WP User Manager' item in the 'Strings in the plugins' table. Click 'create PO file' for the 'wp-user-manager' entry.

After some time it will generate the strings, and you can click the number of strings to start translating the plugin's strings.

Use the 'search for' box to search for the following strings to translate:

  • Username or email
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Remember me
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