Setting a Default Value for a Field

As of WP User Manager v2.5, you can set the default value of text, hidden, number, radio, dropdown, and textarea fields on registration forms. You can do this by -

  • Navigate to Users > Custom Fields
  • Edit the field 
  • Scroll down in the General tab to see the 'Default Value' setting

The default value will only be populated on the registration forms.

Setting a Default Value From a Query String

A query string is part of a URL that contains information, in the format

You can populate the default value of a field using the value of a query string using the following method.

  • Work out the query string key you will use, eg. the key will be 'item'
  • Edit the field and add the default value as {query_var key="item"} (replacing item for your key)

When this field is used on registration forms, the value will be auto-filled based on the value of the query string. So for my example of, this field above will have the value 'yoga' by default.

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