Moderating group members

If a group is set as private then any user can see the group and attempt to join. But only once they have been approved by a group moderator will they actually be a member.

A group has different types of membership roles -

  • Administrator - Can edit the group, change roles of other members, approve users
  • Moderator - Can approve users
  • Member - A member of the group only

When a users tries to join a private group an email is sent to all the group's admins and moderators to alert them to a new pending member that they need to either approve or reject.

There is a new email 'New Group pending member' under Users > Emails, where the email subject and message can be customized.

When moderators visit the group page they will see a 'Moderation' tab (only visible to them) where they can see all pending members and approve or reject each one:

Depending on the moderation action, an email is sent to the user to tell them they have been approved or rejected. These email templates can be found under Users > Email.

This can all be done from the WordPress admin dashboard as well, when editing the group:

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