In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Users -> WPUM Settings -> Tools" to access the tools panel.

Restore Emails

If for some reason, you wish to restore emails subjects and content to the default text. Press the "Restore default emails" button. This will detect all the emails supported by the WPUM plugin and will restore them back to default.

Restore Pages

The "Restore default pages" button allows you to restore the core pages of the plugin.

This option will only work if no pages are selected into the "General" Settings panel of WPUM.

Disable Ajax

Ajax is used into the login and password recovery forms to provide a more beautiful experience for the end user. It is possible that third party plugins and themes can cause conflicts. If this is the case, disabling ajax should solve any problem you might have with those 2 forms.

Exclude Usernames

This tool allows you to specify usernames and nicknames that cannot be used by your members. Separate multiple usernames on a new line like in the screenshot below