Adding different Registration Forms to the site

The Registration Forms addon allows you to create different registration forms so you can register different types of people and collect different data from them.

By default the [wpum_register] shortcode shows the default registration form. There are three methods to show a different form:


To specify a different form in the shortcode you can pass it to the `form_id` parameter

[wpum_register form_id="2"][/wpum_register]

You can find the shortcode on

Alternatively, if you are using the Classic Editor in WordPress you can use the WPUM shortcode builder:


If you are using the Block Editor then you can make use of the custom WP User Manager block for the registration form, where you can select the form in the block settings:


If you'd like to place the form in a widget-enabled area like a sidebar, then you can use the [WPUM] Registration Form widget:

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