Profiles Settings

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Users -> WPUM Settings -> Profiles" to access the registration settings panel.

The following settings screen allows you configure users profiles on your website.

Profile Permalinks

The "Profile permalink" section in "Users -> WPUM Settings -> Profiles" of your dashboard allows you to review the permalink type currently selected on your site. 

To adjust the url structure of your users profiles, navigate to "Settings -> Permalinks -> User profiles permalink base" and select a structure among the 3 available.

Once selected, remember to save your changes.

Profiles Restrictions

Allow guests to view profiles: Enable this option to allow guests to view users profiles.

Allow members to view profiles: Enable this option to allow members to view users profiles. If disabled, users can only see their own profile.

Custom Avatars

WPUM allows your users to upload custom avatars for their profiles. Uploaded avatars are stored on your server. 

Enable the option "Custom Avatars" to enable avatars upload for your users.

It is recommended that you press the "Verify upload permissions" button in the settings panel, to verify that folders permissions on your server are correctly configured.