Getting Started with the ACF addon

The WPUM Advanced Custom Fields addon allows you to use custom fields created with ACF in your WP User Manager forms.

With the plugin installed, any ACF field group that relates to a WordPress user (i.e you are defining custom meta to be stored for users) will have a new 'WP User Manager' metabox:

The box has three sections -

Registration Form

Here you can choose for the fields in the field group to be added to the registration form, so users can enter the data on registration. If you are using the Registration Forms addon then you can select any of the forms.

User Profile

The field data can then be display on the users profile if you enable the 'Show fields on user profiles' setting. The group's fields will appear under the primary settings on the 'about' profile tab.

If you enable the 'Show on profile tab' setting then the field group will appear on a separate profile tab:

User Account

If you enable the 'Allow users to edit fields' setting then the group's fields become available to be edited by the user the edit account page:

Per Field Settings

You might not want all fields in a group to be public. You can enable the 'Hide from User' setting for any field, and it will not be displayed on the registration form or profile. This is helpful for fields that are for admins only to update.

Support Field Types

Currently WP User Manager supports the majority of the ACF field types:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Select
  • URL
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • True / False
  • Radio
  • Number
  • Date Picker

Those that aren't supported will not be shown.

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