Emails Settings

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Users -> Settings -> Emails" to access the emails settings panel.

The following settings screen allows you configure the email notifications on your website.

WPUM sends up to two emails when a user registers and requests a new password, assuming you don't have any addons that send more. 

From Information

You may set both the From Name and From Email address. They may be anything you'd like, but think carefully about how you want to represent your site via email, as well as what you want to happen when the end user hits the Reply button.

Email Logo

Upload a custom logo image that will be displayed above emails sent to your users. The logo will only appear when you're not using the plaintext email template.

Visual Emails Editor

WPUM comes with a handy emails editor that allows you to customize the content of each email sent by WPUM. To access the editor, in your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Users -> Emails.

To edit an email, press the "customize" button into the list table. You will be redirected to a page where you can customize the subject and content of the email.

The layout of the Message is created using the standard WordPress Rich Text editor. In addition to whatever text you'd like to write you have access to Template Tags. They look like this:  {sitename} and they render bits of information about the account or your website.

There's a complete list of available Template Tags right below the Rich Text Editor.

Disable Admin Notifications

The last choice on the Email Settings page is an option to disable admin notifications altogether. When this is checked the only email that will be sent are the registration email to the user and a confirmation of a new password reset. 

You will not receive admin notifications when a user has signed up to your site or when a user has reset his password.

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