Registration Settings

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Users -> Registration Forms" then click 'Customize Form' for the default registration form (or any form if you have multiple registration forms using the Registration Forms addon), then click the 'Settings' tab to access the registration settings panel.

The following settings screen allows you configure the way registration process works on your website.

Login after registration: if enabled, users are automatically logged in after registration. This option only works when custom passwords are enabled.

Custom Role Selection

WPUM allows you to let users decide their user role upon registration. If enabled, users can select a role through the registration form.

Allow role section: enable this option to let users select a custom role upon registration.

Allowed Roles: select one or more user roles that your visitors can select upon registration. Your visitors can only select 1 user role.

Terms & Conditions

Enable terms & conditions: if enabled, a checkbox will appear inside the registration form that your visitors must check in order to agree to your terms & conditions.

Terms Page: select the page that contains your terms. This will be linked into your registration form.

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