Add Google login and registration to WordPress

Adding social login methods to your site gives users a quick and easy way to sign up and login into your site. WP User Manager allows users to register and sign up from the frontend of the site, and this can be extended with the Social Login addon.

WP User Manager is one of the most straightforward to use WordPress membership plugins available, with a large number of features that turn your WordPress site into a membership platform.

1) Create a Google Sign-in project

Navigate to and click the "Configure a project" button. A new window will open which will guide you through the setup of a new project. From the dropdown then click "Create a new project" and type the name of the project.

After clicking next, you'll be presented with the above screen. Simply type anything in there and then click next.

2) Configure your project

In the next screen you'll be asked to configure your new project. Enter your full website url under the "Authorized Javascript Origin" field and click "create".

3)  Add credentials to WordPress

After clicking create you'll be given your credentials that you need to add into your WordPress website. Do not click on "Done" yet.

After you've got your credentials. Login into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to " Users -> Settings -> General -> Social Login" and locate the settings "Google Client ID" and "Google Client Secret" and type in the credentials given to you by Google and save the settings.

4) Last steps

From the previous popup, click on the "API Console" link at the bottom of the popup, in the new page, click the "Enable apis and services" button.

Search for "identity" and then click on "Identity toolkit API" and then click on "Enable".

After a few seconds, the API will be enabled and you'll be redirected to a dashboard for your app. From this screen there's one last thing you need to do. Click on "Credentials" in the right side of the screen then select "Oauth client" and you should see a page like this:

Now under the "Authorized redirect URIs" enter your website url followed by /?wpumsl=google so if your website is - please type

Your Google Sign in is now ready to be used :)

Get started adding social logins to your WordPress site.

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