Example template customization

Now that you've learned how to customize the templates and where to find them, let's make a small test modification. In this example we will add some custom text above the registration form. 

Remember this is just a very simple example, custom text can obviously be added through the WordPress page editor.

Navigate to the wp-content/plugins/wp-user-manager/templates/ folder on your server. ( You should connect via FTP or any other way you use to access your files )
You will notice files and sub folders. The registration form template file can be found into the subfolder " forms".
Open the subfolder " forms" and copy the file registration-form.php
Now navigate to your theme's folder - for example wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen
Create a new folder called " wpum" if it does not exist.
Because the registration-form.php file was into a subfolder called " forms" - you must create a new folder called " forms" into your " wpum" folder.
Now paste the registration-form.php file that you have previously copied. Your structure should now look like this

Open up the file with your favorite code editor and add or modify the content of the file. In this example i've simply added a custom phrase at the top of the form:

Save the file and visit your registration page ( remember the registration form is visible only when NOT logged in ) and if you've done everything correctly, you will see your custom phrase on top of the form.

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