Customize the user profiles

A lot of times when building a site or theme with WP User Manager, you will want to customize the users public profile page. Luckily WPUM allows you to do this and it's very easy to do.

First of all, you should learn how the template system works. Read more information in this article

Now that you learned how to override the templates, we will have a look at which templates are used by the profile page.

Templates Usage:


Is the template file that displays all the content within the profiles pages.


This file loads the content of the "about" tab within the profiles page. This contains the list of all the user's fields.


Displays a list of the comments submitted by the user.


Displays the cover pictures of the user.


Displays the user's avatar, name and description.


Displays the links to the tabs of the profile page.


Displays the posts submitted by the user.

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